Emily Brookover
Objects connect me to the world. They connect me to my past and my present, to what I remember and what I don’t. They act as stand-ins for people or places, as signifiers to situations and relationships, real or invented. As human beings, we find it familiar to consider objects as functional or aesthetic. It is much less familiar to consider objects as companions to our emotional lives or as generators to thought.

No object, space, or body is significant on its own. Most objects gain their power because of a particular moment or circumstance in which they come into a person’s life. Regardless of socioeconomic status, race, gender, we all have things in common. What is unique are the relationships we create with our things. Depending upon individual experience, association, and life path, the relationships we have with objects differ. Through the work, I am engaging with the objects that have come to shape my life. My own personal metaphor will always exist, but the work also serves as a vehicle for the viewer to consider their own significant objects.